Book 'Em Danno: My debut novel, set in Machrihanish, is now on sale!

Book 'Em Danno: My debut novel, set in Machrihanish, is now on sale!

As Paul McCartney can attest, the road to Machrihanish is long and winding. So is the journey I've been on to produce Machrihanish, my debut novel. When I first uploaded this post, I had rounded the bend that led to the eBook version going on sale. Since then, paperback and hardback versions have been added to the mix.

What's it about?

Here's the synopsis:

John McAlonan is an American of Irish descent. Yet Scotland, specifically Machrihanish Golf Club hard against the remote and rugged Argyll coast, is the closest he's ever come to feeling truly at home. Meanwhile, his only daughter Kate seemingly has it all: She drives a Porsche, lives in a Los Angeles beachside condo and is on the fast track to partner at a global advertising firm. 

But when tragedy befalls her father en route to his beloved linksland, Kate must follow in his footsteps—turning her carefully constructed world upside down. Aided by her father’s eccentric yet endearing Scottish friends, Kate embarks on a 5,000-mile journey that spans continents, cultures, genders and generations. 

Does she have what it takes to go the distance? More importantly, can she summon the courage to face the truths hidden deep within this royal and ancient game, her father and—ultimately—herself?

Is it any good?

Well, I'd love to answer that question myself. But probably better to have others do that for me. Here's a sampling of the reviews so far:

"Dan Miller's Machrihanish is spirited and transporting. Bobby Jones once said that 'there is golf -- and tournament golf. And they are not at all the same thing.' Well, Miller doubles down on that insight. Reading his novel, you realize again that there is golf and there is Scottish golf, and they are not at all the same thing. I downed this book in one straight shot! Thank you for writing it, sir -- and nicely played!" - Michael BambergerSports Illustrated and, and author of To the Linksland

"Read Miller's novel. It will stay with you. It returned me to my favourite golf anywhere, and it's stayed with me." - Lorne Rubenstein, author of A Season in Dornoch

"FIVE STARS! In some ways, Machrihanish is a twist on and a more modern version of the classic Golf in the Kingdom (1972) by Michael Murphy. It is teeming with love for the spirit of golf and it vividly takes the reader to Scotland. Each character provides an insight into how the game is different and magical for them. Well written and very entertaining, with a charming plot, I recommend this book to any golfer who wants to be reminded of how special the game is, the friendships that are forged with those whom they play and the potential transformation the game can offer." - Ben Kline, program director of the Shivas Irons Society.

"FOUR STARS! The Scottish dialect is authentic, engaging and completely understandable. With every page, the odd but likable characters and growing plot become more charming. This is a book for a much larger audience (than just golfers)." - Portland Book Review

"Boasts numerous delightful characters that offer diverse personalities as well as international backgrounds that keep the story lively and entertaining. A charming story about growing, golf and the game of life." - San Francisco Book Review

"Miller has woven an insider's homage to golf with a story about a father and daughter reconnecting, even after death. This blend of emotional epiphany and golf fandom makes for an enjoyable read." - Kirkus Reviews

"Dan Miller has captured the magic and mystique of the Kintyre Peninsula. Machrihanish is a minor miracle -- a 'golf book' that rises to a higher level of meaning. Superb." - Allan McAllister Ferguson, author of Golf in Scotland: a Travel-Planning Guide

"It's a must-read for those of us who love links golf. Actually, you can skip the links part and you'd still enjoy the journey. Peers into the soul of golf and why we love the game." - Barney Adams, founder of Adams Golf

Who should buy it?

Anyone who:

•    loves links golf or longs to experience it, or

•    loves Scotland or longs to travel there, or

•    is the father of a daughter, or

•    is a daughter with a father, or

•    is a mother of a daughter with a father, or

•    is a human being who might one day be a mother or a father.

There...that about covers it. Should be enough to set me free from the day job!

Where can you buy it?

If you've embraced the digital revolution and read on anything BUT a Kindle (such as an iPad, Nook or similar device), download the eBook now by clicking here.

If you use a Kindle, download that version via Amazon.

For you traditionalists who prefer old-fashioned printed books, order the paperback by clicking here

And you can order the full-color hardcover by clicking here.

Note that some of these links will take you away from my site to a secure page that I've set up to process sales more directly. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with this path, all versions of the book are also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. However, if you buy your copy there, the big boys will take a hefty cut out of my profit. Don't think it's a stretch to say that I kind of need the dough more than they do. But the choice is entirely up to you. If the book is being read, I'm happy.

What does it cost?

I've listed the eBook doe $9.95, so that works out to something like .016 cent per word. Such a deal! Go analog and you have a choice between the paperback for $15.95 or the full-color hardback at $24.95. Tried to cover all the bases. But before I get preoccupied counting all the money that's going to pour in, I'd like to take this moment to thank those who’ve very generously offered guidance and encouragement during the work in progress. Writing (and now promoting) a novel is largely a solitary pursuit. But that's not to say it exists in a vacuum. Far from it. I'd never have made it this far without you.

Is it worth it?

I'll let you decide that. But I will say this: If you've ever contemplated making a pilgrimage to Scotland to play at the home of golf, this book will serve as an alternative in your imagination -- and at fraction of the cost of the real thing. Though I must warn you: Read this book and the odds that you'll feel compelled to make the trip yourself will go up exponentially.

Either way, I'd love to have you along for the ride!

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